Hunter and Kirsten

Drs. Hunter Capoccioni and Kirsten Yon began their tenure as Resident Associates in the fall of 2016. During the weekday, Hunter works as the Chamber Music Coordinator at the Shepherd School of Music and Kirsten is Associate Professor of Violin at the University of Houston. They are both trained musicians who themselves are products of the Shepherd School (a long time ago and in a galaxy far far away…) and frequently teach and perform around Texas, the U.S., and sometimes even other countries. PastedGraphic-2
When they are not at work, Hunter and Kirsten love to spend time with their puppies Griffin and Remy, whom they rescued in 2015 from various Houston shelters. They enjoy cooking , finding new restaurants in Houston to try, watching sci-fi shows and movies, and drinking Nespresso. Hunter himself is an alumni of Brown College (don’t ask from when…) and will frequently make nostalgic comments about the college.