Jordan and Amber

jamberGreetings, Brownies! We’re your new RAs, Jordan and Amber (or Jamber if you insist on speech efficiency…or have a thing for TMZ).

To see who we are and what we’re about, follow this link. It’ll take you to the video we included in our RA application and will get you caught up with what everyone else already knows about us.

As you can see from the video, we’re both big geeks: Amber of the science variety, Jordan of the computer variety. Although, we sometimes defy classification. Amber works on campus as Assistant Director of the School Science and Technology program. Basically, that means she teaches chemistry and best teaching practices to Houston area high school chemistry teachers alongside Dean Hutch. Jordan spends his days driving around Houston helping small to medium businesses with their IT needs. Consequently, he knows Houston like the back of his hand.

We love baked goods and even enjoy baking them ourselves, so you can be sure we’ll always have a plentiful supply of sweets around. Stop by and we may even share them with you. And while you’re here plundering our cookie jar, be sure to give the other three members of our crack RA team (Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny) a good scratch behind the ears or a belly rub. You know, because they’re cats (you have watched the video by now, right??). Sheldon is super affectionate, thinks humans were created to pet him, and has a cold nose.

Leonard is a big, loud, bumbling idiot (the adorable, loving kind). Penny is the sweet and gentle type, but she usually dashes off to be sweet and gentle under the bed when company is around. Don’t worry; she’ll warm up to you.


The five of us live in the cozy apartment on the fourth floor of the quads (room 444).  When our blinds are open, we’re at home, so feel free to come right in!  We all love company and are here to help make your time at Brown the best it can possibly be!